Our CBD products are formulated with the guidance of a trained physician, Dr. Khare, who has significant experience with hemp and cannabis treatments. The CBD products made by Dr. Khare and his wellness team are recommended based on their own experiences and shared with Dr. Khare’s patients and even his teenage son.

Innovative CBD Products

Innovative Original CBD Hemp Oil is a 500mg whole-plant CBD oil tincture that is taken sublingually (under the tongue) and on the gums.

Golden Nectar is an organic, broad spectrum, RSO like (Rick Simpson Oil) product that contains whole-plant CBD oil mixed with unrefined, non-GMO, coconut oil. 

Enlighten CBD is a 500 mg whole-plant CBD oil aimed to reduce pain and inflammation in the body.

Restore CBD is a 500 mg whole-plant CBD oil taken as needed to help gastrointestinal issues and sustain optimal health.

Tranquility CBD is a 500 mg whole-plant CBD oil for anxiety relief.

CBD Products

Rich Relax CBD Balm is a pharmaceutical-style CBD topical balm that penetrates the skin to enter the bloodstream, providing pain and tension relief. 

Rich Terpenated Balm is a highly concentrated, full spectrum, CBD topical balm, which contains 27 essential oils and terpenes. 

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