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Golden Paws

Golden Paws Hemp Oil Supplement for Pets | 60mL | 250mg


Golden Paws is a 250mg broad spectrum hemp oil tincture formulated for your four-legged friend. For best results, use the dropper to administer via the mouth, or if necessary, put it in your dog’s water. Golden Paws may also be used topically and placed behind the ear. Golden Paws is well-suited for anxious dogs, including those who suffer from separation anxiety, or fear thunderstorms. It can be administered once a day, or on an as-needed basis. Check the label for dosing information by pet weight. 


  • 250mg full-spectrum hemp oil 
  • Organic, non GMO
  • Lab tested for quality
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Natural anxiety relief
  • Independently lab tested for optimal quality: Lab Report


Dosing Information*

  • 10-30 lbs lbs
    • One dropper 1x a day
  • 31-60 lbs
    • One dropper 2x a day
  • 61-100+ lbs
    • One dropper 3x a day


*The best dose is the “lowest dose that works” for your pet. Increase as needed. Allow animal to lick off or place on gums, problem area, ear or in drinking water.


As Needed Dosing Information**

  • 10-30 lbs lbs
    • Two droppers
  • 31-60 lbs
    • Three droppers
  • 61-100+ lbs
    • Four droppers


**One time dosing for significant anxiety (Example: Thunderstorms, travel, boarding, etc.) or pain.


Innovative Wellness is a brand you can trust, as every product is third-party lab tested to ensure quality and doctor approved. Whether you are looking to reduce pain, lower anxiety or support your immune system and promote good health, we have a product to fit your needs.

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