Get your Illinois Medical Card without leaving your house.

– Telemedicine

– Insurance accepted

– A medical clinic you can trust

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Cannabis Medical Card

Medical cannabis patients pay less at the dispensary, have priority access and can even grow cannabis at home. Innovative Wellness now offers medical cannabis certification via telemedicine, which means you can see a doctor from your home. We also take insurance. Get your card from a medical practice you can trust.

Cannabis Strain Consulting

Are you unsure of what strains to take in the daytime versus at night? Do you find the dispensary to be overwhelming? You are not alone. Our cannabis consultants are here to help and will educate you on the various strains so you can find products that fit your individual needs.

Cannabis Friendly Primary Care

Cannabis is medicine. That’s why our team of primary care doctors recommends it to patients, just as we do other treatment options. You don’t have to hide anything from us. We understand and support medical cannabis and can accommodate all of your primary care needs.