Welcome to Innovative Wellness:

Our CBD products are formulated with the guidance of a trained physician, Dr. Khare, who has significant experience with hemp and cannabis treatments. The CBD products made by Dr. Khare and his wellness team are recommended based on their own experiences and shared with Dr. Khare’s patients and even his teenage son.

Innovative Wellness provides:

So much more is developing for 2019!

Innovative Wellness is creating just that space for our patients to tap into and utilize services that promote healthy consciousness and body awareness and healing.

Additional Services coming to Innovative Wellness in 2019:

  • Wellness Massage
  • Wellness Yoga
  • Meditation
  • CBD infused Culinary Events
  • Energy Healing
  • Energy Guidance
  • Cannabis Consulting
  • Guest Speakers
  • Educational Events
  • Workshops
  • Art exhibits
  • Intimate Music Events
  • Meet & Greets
  • Networking Events