Nominate Innovative Wellness For Chicago Reader’s Best Of Awards

Did Innovative Wellness or Innovative Express Care help you get your medical cannabis card? If so, we invite you to share your positive experience with others by nominating us for the Chicago Reader “Best Of” awards. The Chicago Reader, a favorite neighborhood publication in Chicago for many decades, is polling readers about all things cannabis. From the best clinic to get your medical card, to your favorite CBD shop and more, they’d like to hear from you. Innovative Wellness is proud to have […]

“We Don’t Promote Violence And Destruction, But We Get People’s Anger”

Innovative Wellness is one of many businesses that have been vandalized and looted in Chicago. The first occurrence happened at 4am on Sunday, May 31, when a brick was thrown through the back door. The second occurrence happened in broad daylight Sunday evening, when the front windows and door were shattered and looters entered to steal anything of value. While the violence and destruction is tragic, the lack of equality and loss of life is more so. Dr. Khare said it […]

Now Is The Time To Get Your Medical Cannabis Card – Dr. Khare Explains Why In The Chicago Reader

Shortages, high taxes and now a stay at home order are driving more people to get their medical cannabis cards. Dr. Khare explains and notes how telemedicine is playing a vital role in the Chicago Reader. Read the full article here.

Q&A With Dr. Khare: Underlying Health Conditions And COVID-19

COVID-19 has yet to peak in the United States, yet over 40,000 Americans have already been sickened by the novel coronavirus. While it may amount to little more than a long-lasting cold for some people, COVID-19 can cause serious health complications in those who have underlying medical conditions. Dr. Khare explains what that means, who is at risk, and what patients should know. Q: What Underlying Health Conditions Put People at Risk of Complications from COVID-19? A: There are a number […]

Telemedicine Visits Now Available For Cannabis Certification

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are able to see patients using telemedicine. If you rely on cannabis to relieve pain, anxiety or other symptoms, and you have a qualifying medical condition, now is the time to get your medical cannabis card. Medical cannabis can be used for more than 50 qualifying medical conditions. Innovative Wellness offers cannabis card certification and educates patients on how to incorporate cannabis alongside traditional therapies for symptom relief. Our Certification Process Your health is important. […]

Chicago Sun-Times Features Dr. Khare

The marijuana industry has opened the door to new job opportunities and career paths here in Illinois, as well as in other states with legal medical or recreational use of cannabis. This article in today’s Chicago Sun-Times looks at how doctors, lawyers and college professors are among those now in the cannabis industry, and features Innovative Wellness founder and CEO, Rahul Khare, MD. Read more.

Chicago Tribune: Dr. Khare Explains Why Medical Cannabis Certifications Have Increased Since January

Innovative Wellness is a trusted medical provider that offers medical cannabis certification, cannabis consulting and cannabis focused primary care. More than 11 thousand patients have been certified by Innovative Wellness in the last four years, and that number is continuing to climb even though cannabis is now legal in Illinois. Rahul Khare, MD, founder and CEO of Innovative Wellness, recently spoke with the Chicago Tribune and explained why we’ve seen a substantial increase in patients pursuing their medical cannabis card […]

ABC 7: Dr. Khare Discusses The Rise In Medical Cannabis Applications, Cardholder Benefits

ABC 7 stopped by Innovative Wellness today to discuss the rise in medical cannabis applications with our founder and CEO, Dr. Rahul Khare. Dr. Khare explained that high taxes and product shortages are prompting the increase. Innovative Wellness has certified more than 11,000 patients in the last four years. We also offer cannabis consulting to help patients determine what strains are best suited for their individual needs, and cannabis focused primary care. Watch the ABC 7 segment to learn more about the benefits of being a […]

Skip The Line And Pay Less With Your Medical Cannabis Card

Cannabis sales kicked off in Illinois with long lines, shortages and empty shelves, as buyers flooded dispensaries. Legalization will lead many people to try cannabis for the first time, or on a more regular basis than they have previously. Some may just be curious or want to kick back on a Saturday night, while others will explore whether or not cannabis provides them pain relief or reduces unwanted health symptoms. If you find yourself using cannabis more than twice per […]