As Shortages Strike, Patients May Find Even Better Regimens

Product shortages and imposed limits are already occurring throughout Illinois, and it’s not even January yet. Medical cannabis consumers often spend months exploring products through trial-and-error before they find a regimen that works for their unique needs. That’s why it’s not surprising that many patients are angry and concerned about the changes they are seeing at dispensaries as we gear up for legalization. Changing how you medicate may be inevitable, as the increase in demand for cannabis is likely to […]

Cannabis Shortages & Home Grow Options: 4 More Reasons To Get Your Medical Cannabis Card

The New Year is upon us, and recreational cannabis is just around the corner for Illinoisans. While this is certainly an exciting time for IL residents, enthusiasm has been significantly tempered by the recent flower shortage. The medical program in IL boasts nearly 100,000 members, but come the New Year, when the legislation goes into effect, demand is expected to be in the millions. However, the new law states that dispensaries must have product on hand for medical patients before serving the […]

Patients Need Guidance on Cannabis: A Letter to the Editor from Dr. Rahul Khare

  Today, Dr. Khare’s letter to the editor was published in the Chicago Tribune. Here is a brief excerpt: I appreciated being mentioned in a recent Chicago Tribune article (“More doctors are using marijuana as medicine,” Dec. 1). I hear too many concerning stories from patients about other doctors who refuse to help them with medical cannabis.   Pain doctors prescribe powerful and dangerous opioids for years, yet many still drug-test patients and deny medical treatment if cannabis is detected. […]

5 Reasons You May want to Consider Medical Cannabis This New Year

  Medical cannabis has helped thousands of Illinois residents control debilitating health symptoms since dispensaries first opened in our state four years ago. With more than 50 qualifying conditions now recognized by the Illinois Department of Public Health, this number is continuing to climb. Could cannabis be the key to improving your health in the New Year? Here are five reasons you may want to consider cannabis for your health in 2020… You have uncontrolled anxiety Patients with general anxiety […]

Innovative Wellness Featured in the Chicago Tribune

Innovative Wellness was recently featured in the Chicago Tribune for our focus on incorporating cannabis alongside traditional care. The article examined whether or not more medical practices will embrace cannabis once marijuana is legal in Illinois in 2020, and features Dr. Rahul Khare as the physician leading this trend in Chicago. Innovative Wellness was arguably the first medical practice in Chicago to fully embrace cannabis as medicine. We not only certify patients for medical cannabis, we educate them, counsel them and discuss cannabis in regular medical appointments as part […]

Cannabis Medical Protocols – The Innovative Wellness Difference

Cannabis is medicine, so shouldn’t doctors guide patients on how to use it for symptom relief? We think so. This is one of the many things that make Innovative Wellness unique. We are one of the only physician offices in Chicago offering cannabis consulting and cannabis focused primary care. Our team has collected patient data over the last three years to develop medical protocols for eleven common medical conditions. Our goal – to help patients feel better faster. Whether you […]

Can CBD Ease Anxiety in Children?

What parents should know about the popular hemp product. A new school, friend drama, sports pressure. There are countless things that can stress kids out. When coupled with schedules that are busier than ever, it’s no wonder that anxiety is on the rise in kids. As parents try to navigate their child’s moods and intense feelings, many have asked me about natural approaches to anxiety relief such as CBD. Does it work? Is it safe? Is it worth the hype? […]

Huffington Post: This is Your Body on CBD

  If the plethora of CBD options on the market has you wondering if the hemp product is worth the hype, you are not alone. CBD can be found almost everywhere these days. Dr. Khare recently spoke with the Huffington Post for their article “This is your Body on CBD” to explain how CBD works and what patients need to know. Check out what Dr. Khare and other experts had to say below. Read more here

Should Medical Cannabis Patients Stop Vaping?

  Dr. Khare, founder of Innovative Wellness weighs in on recent reports of vape-related illness   As reports of alleged vape illnesses continue to rise, many medical cannabis patients are wondering – should I stop vaping? Rahul Khare, MD, president and founder of Innovative Wellness weighs in, answering this and other common questions.   Q: Are vape products dangerous?   A: The investigation into what is causing the recent vape-related illnesses is ongoing. It’s important to keep in mind that […]