CBD, Natures Anxiolytic: Exploring How Hemp Can Treat Anxiety (Instead of Causing It)

Anxiety: It’s More Common Than You Think Your gut starts churning and you’re overwhelmed by a sensation of butterflies. Feelings of dread, paranoia and fear envelope you, making it hard to breathe. While moments of anxiety are a normal part of the human condition, over one third of the population suffers from anxiety disorders that make living with some degree of anxiety an everyday struggle.1 The most common drugs prescribed for this mood disorder are benzodiazepines and anti-depressant medication, both […]

Opiate Alternative Pilot Program

  A new way of treating patients with chronic pain, the Opiate Alternative Pilot Program (OAPP) will give the people of Illinois more options with medical marijuana. Here are some details of this groundbreaking new project: Do You Qualify? To qualify, you must: Be 21 years of age or over. Must have been prescribed an opiate within the last year (Norco, Vicodin, Oxycontin, Suboxone, Tramadol, and many others) or have a condition that warrants an opiate, based on generally accepted standards of […]

The ABCs of CBD – What You Should Know About the Popular Hemp Product

  CBD has hit the shelves at health food stores, gyms, yoga studios and vape shops across the city. You can even sip CBD infused cocktails at some Chicago establishments. But is the hemp product worthy of its hype? In short, yes, but there are some things consumers should know. While the scientific evidence is still lacking, anecdotal evidence to support using CBD is strong. I have many patients who incorporate CBD into their treatment plan to help lower anxiety […]

Medical Cannabis for Chronic Pain

Chronic Conditions Managed with Medical Cannabis Pain relief is the most cited reason for using medical cannabis. Most states that have legalized medical cannabis have a list of specific conditions that are eligible for a physician recommendation. These conditions are called qualifying conditions. Generally, qualifying conditions are determined by state appointed medical boards that are then signed into law. Qualifying conditions are typically characterized by chronic pain with one or more of these symptoms: Severe nausea Severe or persistent muscle spasms […]

Marijuana Miracle | Special Report, The Jam

MARIJUANA MIRACLE: Patients, doctors and insiders say pot is saving lives. Is medical cannabis the solution to our nation’s opioid crisis?

A Chicago Practice that Empowers their Medical Cannabis Patients

For Dr. Khare, a former Chicago Cubs ER Physician, it’s all about the patients. They inspired him to integrate medical cannabis into his practice. “I had many patients who used only cannabis. When I asked them about their story, they told me how they had come off of opiates or benzos with cannabis,” Khare says. “Then it became legal with medical cannabis, so I started certifying because of all the anecdotal stories. Then my own patients reduced their [dose of] […]

What “Different” Looks Like in Medicine: A Day at Innovative Express Care

Dr. Rahul Khare, CEO and President of Innovative Wellness, has a passion for integrating cannabis into his practice. His phenomenal team of clinicians, right in the heart of Chicago, offers a variety of cutting-edge treatments. From ketamine infusion therapy to medical cannabis consultations and certifications, along with primary care, urgent care, and pain management. Being that his clinic is fairly close to Rush Medical Center, where I do congenital heart disease research during the day, I had the fortune of visiting […]

Rauner Has Signed a Bill Expanding Access to Medical Cannabis in Response to Opioid Epidemic

  Rahul Khare, MD Illinois, a state known for strict medical cannabis laws, just took a major step in easing those regulations and expanding access in an effort to combat the opioid epidemic. IL Governor, Bruce Rauner, has now signed Senate Bill 336 into law, which includes a major provision allowing patients to swap out their opioid narcotic prescriptions for medical cannabis access. Statistics from the IL Department of Health indicate almost 2,200 deaths in 2017 from opioids (up from […]

Medical Cannabis 101

Dr. Khare will be one of the major speakers at Chicago Reader’s Medical Cannabis 101 presentation. Tickets are available below! April 9, 2018 | 6:30-8:30pm (doors open at 5:45pm) mHub | 965 W. Chicago Avenue (map) $20 (light appetizers and beverages will be provided) Want to better understand the science behind medical cannabis? Wondering if you or someone you know could benefit from treatments? Interested in learning how the Illinois legislature approves new conditions for the program? State Senator Don […]